Comparison between Full-face Snorkel and Traditional Snorkel

20 Sep

There has been a great debate among those who snorkel about what kind of snorkel gear gives the best experience. In the past people used to use the traditional snorkel however in the recent past improvements were made on the traditional snorkel to come up with a full face mask. While some of the changes are an improvement that makes that full face mask better, there are those that still believe that traditional snorkel is better than the full face option. Here are some of the differences between full-face snorkeling and traditional snorkeling.

First, the full face snorkel has an anti-chock feature that is absent in the traditional snorkel. The traditional snorkel can at times let in water that can chock you, and the experience gets worse since the water is so salty. When you use a full-face snorkel, there is a ball that the top that seals off the air valve which then prevents water from entering into that compartment.

When you use a full-face snorkel, you will breathe differently than you would if at all you used a traditional snorkel. The reason for this is because traditional snorkels allow you to only breath through the mouth which gives a lot of snorkelers discomfort and anxiety. Luckily, when one uses a full face snorkel, they have the ability to breathe through their mouth and nose as well. This makes so many snorkelers comfortable. If at all you have no problems with breathing using your mouth only then using a traditional snorkel is not a problem for you; however, if you are uncomfortable breathing using your mouth only, then try using the full-face snorkel. For more info, check this website.

Traditional snorkels come in two pieces while full-face snorkels are in one piece. The problem with a two-piece set is that you can easily misplace one piece which then renders the entire piece useless to you. Fortunately, full-face snorkels come in one piece so losing some pieces is not a possibility.

We all know that fog on the goggles can really interfere with the snorkeling experience, luckily, the full face snorkel does not have such a problem because it has an anti-feature that ensures that the lenses of the goggles stay clear to afford you great views.

Clearly, there seems to be a lot of improvements on the full-face goggles that were missing in the traditional goggles, therefore, if at all you want something that is an improvement of the traditional goggles then the full-face snorkel. Learn more about snorkeling gear.

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