Difference Between Traditional Snorkeling Mask and Full Face Snorkeling Mask

20 Sep

When it came in choosing a snorkel mask which is best fitting can be really difficult for there are many masks which are found in the market. One should at least ensure that the mask you choose you can fully enjoy when wearing for a mask act as a window when you are under water. Having a comfortable mask, you will be able to watch beautiful corals which are found underwater and enjoy the other experiences. Some of the mask which are mostly used are traditional snorkeling mask and full face snorkeling face. The traditional snorkeling mask consist googles which are in form of a snorkel fins and tube. This mask usually covers only your eyes and nose so as to prevent water getting in them.

There are variety of these mask which vary with shape and size and one should always ensure that he or she chooses a mask that comfortably fit him or her. When choosing this kind of mask there are several tips which one should consider. Some of these tips include, one should always ensure that the skirt of this mask is silicone made and its peripheral vision is wide enough to help you see everything that is under water. One should also choose a fog which has no lens in order to have a clear crystal when you are adventuring under water. Traditional snorkeling masks can only be used by people with sensitive gag reflex and therefore it disadvantages people who do not have sensitive gag reflex. The other demerits of this mask is that the snorkel tube is hallow and therefore it fills water whenever a person is fully submerged. For more ideas, view here.

The other type of mask is full face snorkeling mask which is more advanced that traditional mask. This type of mask does not use mouthpiece rather it combines both the googles and the snorkel tube in a design which is more futuristic. This mask also covers your entire face unlike the traditional mask. The way this mask is designed usually allows one to breathe through the nose when still you are under water. Due to its futuristic characteristics this mask is perfect for a person who is a beginner and also to a kid. It also removes water away from your face thus making you to have a crystal clear and one cannot be chocked with water since it also keeps water away from your mouth. To get more ideas, check it out!

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